Vibrant Mewar Festival

Indian festivals are renowned for being unique and vibrant, and the culture of Rajasthan is among the most lively and fascinating in India. Witness The Mewar Festival, the second living heritage celebration in India, in Udaipur if you adore Indian festivities.

Since the reign of Maharana Udai Singh, the 12th monarch of Mewar, the Mewar festival has been a mainstay on the Rajasthani calendar. While on a hunting expedition, the king encountered a holy sage. The sage suggested the king to build a palace on the banks of Lake Pichola, which later led to the creation of the city of Udaipur. The Mewar festival of Rajasthan celebrates the foundation of this city. The sense of tradition attached to the Mewar Festival in Udaipur is what makes it unique. These ceremonies and rituals, connected to the Royal House of Mewar, have been carried on for the past 75 years, and they still have the same grandeur and splendour when celebrating every year. The rituals and ceremonies have only improved, growing brighter and more vibrant.

Royal palace in Rajasthan with people riding on elephant
Beautiful Mewar festival Udaipur with people in colourful attire

The Mewar Festival is celebrated with great zeal and passion, inviting visitors from other nations who are anxious to witness the illustrious traditions of Rajputana brought to life. Experience the vibrancy and excitement of the Mewar Festival when you visit Udaipur since it is filled with centuries-old Rajputana rites. The entire city of Udaipur is decorated with colourful lights and decorations in local markets for three days as a dedication to the Mewar Festival.

The festival also welcomes fusion celebrations, combining conventional ideals with contemporary counterparts. Every neighbourhood in the city, decorated with colourful lights, holds a unique set of festivities that feature rituals, cuisine, dancing, music, performance art, and instrumental music. Professional chefs design and display food according to the Mewar style, while professional painters and art enthusiasts lead seminars on art. Original artworks are showcased in the market, with unique souvenirs for people to buy in the local marketplace. A stunning fireworks show ends the 3 day Mewar celebration.

Puppets dancing  by a thread in Mewar
women carrying pots on their heads and walking near the lake

The Gangaur festival, which has special meaning for women, coincides with the Mewar Festival. Some women dress up in their prettiest attire, and some dress the idols of Lord Shiva and his Goddess Parvarti on the day of the Gangaur. These idols are paraded around the city and end up at Lake Pichola. Later, these idols are loaded onto boats. The sight of hundreds of boats carrying the idols sailing serenely in the lake is breathtaking. If you relish hearing ghoomar songs and Rajasthani folk music, you will love hearing the melodious chorus of Gangaur songs sung by these ladies.

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