Trekking in Udaipur

Udaipur is not just about beautiful lakes, historical monuments and regal palaces. This beautiful city offers some of the best trekking destinations as well. Hiking tours in the countryside and in the city are a prevalent adventure activity as Udaipur has multiple hiking tracks. There are trek organisers who conduct both short day treks and night treks. Hiking in Udaipur includes mesmerising landscapes, challenging terrains and lovely sunsets.

Kumbhalgarh Fort to Thandi Beri Trek

The Fort in Kumbhalgarh is a UNESCO world heritage site and the world's second-largest fortified wall. This fort is a destination for all history buffs as it holds tales of Rajput kings like Maharana Pratap and Raja Udai Singh. This trek is almost four hours long and starts in a forest reserve area. Explorers may spot wildlife like antelopes, leopards or wild boars. After a few kilometres, travellers reach the first checkpoint - Maudi Khet, which offers a great view of the fort. The next destination on this trek is Thandi Beri, popularly known as Crocodiles Lake, where tourists can spot crocodiles.

a woman with backpack on a trek in the desert
a group of people hiking in a mountain terrain with their backpacks

Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur Trek

The trek from Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur is 10 km long and starts early in the morning from Futadhaval. This expedition includes travelling through forest areas and is an excellent way to spot wild animals like sloth bears. The first checkpoint on this trek are caves dedicated to Lord Ganesha in an area surrounded by endemic ayurvedic vegetation. The tour ends at the renowned Jain temple of Ranakpur.

Udaipur Tiger Lake Hiking

The starting point of this quest is a small village in Udaipur called Dhar. On this trek, tourists will walk past villages and farms where they can learn more about crops and agriculture. The trip continues for a few kilometres to reach the endpoint, Tiger Lake. In order to reach this area, hikers need to climb uphill for about 15 minutes. However, the view from the top is worth the effort. With an astounding sunset and the azure water of the lake, this is one of the best trekking places in Udaipur.

sunrise view in front of a wide lake surrounded by a mountain and a man resting after a trek
a group on a hiking expedition with trekking equipment

Ubeshwar Ji Nature Trail Hike

As the name suggests, the Ubeshwar Ji Nature Trail hike starts from Ubeshwarji, a place named after Lord Shiva. This trek passes through some of the most scenic trails in Udaipur. With a majestic view of the Aravalli range, this hike ensures picturesque views for that picture-perfect moment.

Sajjangarh Biological Park Trek

Experience one of the most unique trails in Udaipur at the Sajjangarh Biological Park trek. This 6 km loop-like trail consists of tranquil views along with rocky terrain. Furthermore, this trail is ideal for nature lovers as one can spot indigenous birds around the park.

a group of three people hiking in a deserted area captured during the day

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