Experience the Best of Rajasthani Cuisine at Bay Leaf Restaurant in Pushkar

Welcome to Bay Leaf Restaurant at Bamboo Saa Resort, the best restaurant in Pushkar and the ultimate destination to relish Rajasthani cuisine. Our restaurant offers a delightful multi-cuisine experience with a focus on Rajasthani speciality dishes that will tantalise your taste buds. Enjoy the convenience of our sumptuous buffet, where you can savour an array of delectable dishes. For those seeking a more indulgent experience, we also serve alcohol to complement your meals. Our cosy indoor seating ensures a comfortable and intimate atmosphere as you dine. Come, immerse yourself in the rich flavours and cultural heritage of Rajasthan at Bay Leaf Restaurant, where culinary delights await your presence.

Alcohol served: Yes
Buffet: Yes

7:30 AM – 10:30 PM

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