Activities & Policies

Outdoor Activites

Adventure Zone 

While Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa gives you the feel of a resort against a building hotel with concrete structure. We house exclusive facilities for our guests to try out in-stay adventure activities in Udaipur. Zip Line, Rock Climbing, Burma Bridge, Net Traverse, Air Crossing, Zummaring, Archery, Crossbow, Body Zorb, and Commando Bridge are some of these fun adrenaline inducing activities. Safety is our priority: we have hired the most experienced professionals to guide and assist you with any of the activity that you chose at our resort.

Burma Bridge
Kids Playing Area


Outdoor Children Play Area

Let your children explore a wonderful space to learn while having a lot of fun in the ‘FLURN’ way. The outdoor children play area encompasses Play Kitchen, Sand Pit, See Saw, Play Bicycle, Board Games, Chess, Carrom, Foosball and many more.



Activities for Adults

At Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa, we offer a bevy of In/Outdoor sports and activities for adults such as Yoga, Cricket, Badminton, Board Games, and Fussball.

Get adventurous at our specially designed Adventure Zone or explore the flora/ fauna/ night sky.

Evening Entertainment

Activities for Everyone

When the dusk falls, we organize an evening entertainment that includes Puppet Show and Rajasthani Folk Dance.


Nature Walk

Silence is the language of nature. Reclaim your inner calm by manoeuvring through the lush green nature. One of the most amazing things to do, nature walk is an opportunity for you to hone your photography skills while taking a stroll amid the beautiful nature.

IMG 20190618 182517


Anyone who has cycled through the busy streets of a city know how much fun it is to cycle on roads that are nature-friendly, less congested. Cycling amidst nature is one of the fascinating activities to do when at Bamboo Saa Resort & Spa.


Pottery making in the Evening

We have a dedicated facility where your kids can learn the art of pottery making. For a little extra cost, your kids will not only be kept entertained through a variety of activities but will also be trained on pottery making. Pottery making sessions are held in the evening.

Pet Policy

We at Bamboo Saa strive to provide a great experience for you and your pets. Our management being pet lovers themselves have always kept that in mind while building the resort. We want your pets to have the best experience with you without disturbing our other guests. Please find our policies below
  • To give a open environment to your pets and not disturbing our other guests. We shall accept small and medium pets in the Patang Cottage category only. 
  • Water Bowls are available in the property but guests are requested to carry their own due to limitations in quantity.
  • Pet Meals are available at an extra cost of Rs. 1000/- per day. Incase your pet has a special dietary requirement, please consult with our chef in advance. We will try to help you.
  • We dont have a Kennel facility for Pets, Owners are requested to keep their pets in the room and ensure there is no disturbance to other guests in the Resort.
  • Please keep your pets on a leash whenever you get them near a common area where other guests are also present.
  • Pets are not allowed in Restaurant and closed areas of the resort.
  •  Any damage caused by the Pet to the property or to another guest shall be the sole responsibility of the Pet owner. Incase of any charges, the Resort management decision shall be final.
  • Pet owners are requested to clean after their pets have done natures call.