Utsav Hall & Board Room

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For small events, Bamboo Saa Resort & Hotel has built a state of the art 1600 sq. ft. Banquet, designated as Utsav. It boasts of a striking contemporary architecture designed with glass facade. Decorated with blackout curtains and wood decor, Utsav is accentuated by soothing tones, and inspired by natural glamour.
Added to the banquets, we also have designated a small area, covering 100 square feet, for corporate meetings. The Board Room can accommodate 8 people and is equipped with modern amenities including air conditioner, Wi-Fi, Projector and audio-visual equipment.


Hall SizeFloating CrowdTheatre SettingCluster SettingClassroom Setting
1600 Sq. ft.1601008090
Board Room
Hall SizeBoard Room Setting
100 Sq. ft.8